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Here, you will find files you can download to learn and play the Infinite Galaxies game.

These PDF files require a reader to view. The most popular reader can be downloaded here.

Download Packet
(this includes materials you need to play the game)

Rocket Booster
(a "quick-start" primer on running the game)

Move Packet (this is a set of 4 Moves sheets)
GM Handout
Equipment List - Character
Equipment List - Vessel
Stock Vessels and Creature Mounts
Stock NPCs
Triggering Drives and Relationships
Drives and Relationships Tracking Sheet

Playbook - Ace
Playbook - Explorer
Playbook - Jack
Playbook - Leader
Playbook - Psi
Playbook - Robot
Playbook - Scientist
Playbook - Soldier
Playbook - Ship
Playbook - Companion

Star Patrol - Alien Origins